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We're under construction but expect to open shortly. If you'd like us to let you know when we open, sign up for Andrea's Self-Publish Strong newsletter list here. (When Andrea updates one of her Self-Publish Strong ebooks, she sends updates to this list, including tips and ideas on how to make our businesses better. Emails are short and informative.) You may also want to consider downloading Andrea's ebooks. Self-Publish Strong Book One is on Amazon here, Kobo here, iTunes here, and Nook here.

In the meantime, here's an idea for what you'll find on Promoting for Authors:

Websites that promote ebooks
Genres they promote
Number of downloads authors typically get, along with the genre of the author's book.

As a taste, here is a list of websites that Andrea has found helpful so far in promoting her books:

BookBub (of course), eReaderGirl, Fussy Librarian, Digital Book Today, eReader News Today, Book Gorilla, Kindle Nation Daily, BookBarbarian, RobinReads, BookSends, Pixel of Ink (have teamed up with BookSends now), BKnights, ebook Bargain News, and Kindle Books and Tips. A couple of these websites only produce 50-100 downloads, but even that much (especially when it’s free to promote with them) can really help a massive campaign.

I’ve also been hearing good things about StoryFinds, BookSCREAM, Midlist, My Book Cave, ebook Hunter, Kindle Book Review, and Pixel Scroll.

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