We're Live!

Authors - we're now (mostly) live and ready to start accepting your numbers! Please email me (Andrea) here and send anything you're willing to send, after checking out the tabs along the top. All information will be kept confidential.

As a disclaimer: the numbers we'll be reporting here may not represent how many downloads you'll get when promoting with these websites. You might get less, you might get more.

Also, please note that even if a website doesn't have big results, they still shouldn't be discounted. I believe that anyone who wants to support authors should be supported in return. The people who've created these sites are passionate about helping us, and the more we help them, the better they'll do in the long run.

Thank you for helping me help all authors!



This website is supported by proceeds from downloads of my Self-Publish Strong books. Feel free to check them out by clicking on their covers.

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